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My Debut Match | Short Film of the Day

Short film of the Day February 8, 2020

My Debut Match

By Karan Shetty with 6.8

ad film · Short Films

What the film succeeds at is weaving an endearing story about a child making his way in the adult world. The primary tool for achieving this is the strategic and smooth camerawork the narrative employs to juxtapose a diminutive presence against an overwhelming skyscraper right in its opening shot. As a little boy wades his way in a multi-storeyed building, allowing his little bag of trinkets and toys undergo security checks, the viewer is hooked to find out the purpose of this visit.

Of course the security and professionals in the work space are minor obstacles to be overcome by him in his determined path to achieve his goal. He barges into a room full of powerful adults, beings alien to his world of innocence and single-minded desires, yet our little protagonist is undaunted. However, now that he has arrived at his destination, what would be the final battle, and more importantly, would it be a victorious one?

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