The Great Indian Gaaliban | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee March 17, 2020

The Great Indian Gaaliban

By Myra Multimedia with 6.6

comedy · Short Films · hindi

The film pivots itself on a very unique premise - the patenting of all abuses and swear words all over the world. In the true spirit of capitalism, a businessman, played by Piyush Mishra, decides to make money out of one of the most common practices globally - swearing. The film goes back to India's Classical past to prove its point in a humorous manner. It draws attention to the various situations where swearing has become so commonplace that we no longer even realise it's presence. However, what happens when someone begins to demand money for the same?

Of course things go topsy-turvy and the nation is hurled in a state of chaos. From monthly budgets to being used as a tool to show off your wealth - swearing finds its place everywhere. During few of its moments, the film runs the danger of being crass, however a speech in defense of patenting swearing by Mishra towards the end, pulls it back together. It is also important to approach the film with the right mindset, to see it as harmless, lighthearted comedy, and perhaps the viewer would then come out satisfied at the end of it all.
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