Sui-side Story | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee November 21, 2023

Sui-side Story

By Satyam Bharti with 6.9

dark comedy · Short Films · hindi

Despite the disturbing thought the film invokes in its title, taking one’s life by suicide, the narrative is marked by uplifting humor and hope. The entirety of the plot is a movement towards the realization of the same.

A man is trying to end his life, but a little girl keeps coming in his path. She takes him down the road of some unexpected misadventures that amuse the viewer, even if at the cost of the protagonist’s misery. Their exchanges continue, following the format and approach of a silent film, employing the visual flow steadily, coupled with a fitting background score.

At the heart of the film is an important message that is presented to the viewer with earnestness and lucidity, while also displaying a screenplay defined by ease, along with a complementary edit.
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