Nazariya | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee August 9, 2020


By Kabir Krishna with 6.7

poetry · Short Films · hindi

The short film opens with a man's point of view and his observations of a woman from afar, constructing an entire narrative about her life for both himself as well the viewer. This poetic narrative is further marked by skilled visuals, interweaved with the dialogues in a smooth and seamless way.

If the film has given the impression of being simplistic so far, it is intentional. It has deliberately led the viewer to a place diametrically opposite to where it actually wants to locate itself, thereby making its conclusion more impactful and notable. In the process, it manages to offer a relevant comment on not simply our own perceptions and assumptions, but also assault and violence against women, and the manner in which society stereotypes and views them.
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