Khoon Mera Saaf Hai | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day August 27, 2023

Khoon Mera Saaf Hai

By Sreejoni Nag with 6.8

poetry · Short Films · hindi

On Menstrual Hygiene Day, the latest video in the Blush Anthem series talks about menstruation and the manner the whole topic is dealt with in the country.

Though Blush has made some wonderful videos in the recent past, there seems to be a lull in the innovation when it comes to video treatment. While this video makes a powerful comment, it sounds like one of the many voices, including their own, and thus has nothing new to say. Yes, menstruation is a taboo in India, yes, it leads to immense discrimination against women based on that, and yes, patriarchy is oppressing us like no one’s business, but didn’t we already know that?
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