Falana Dhimkana | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day November 29, 2019

Falana Dhimkana

By Prannoy Mehta with 7.2

drama · Short Films · hindi

The story of Falana Dhimkana is of three different pairs of people and their individual struggles. The narrative is an exploration of the less significant moments of life, those which fall between the cracks of milestones and landmark achievements. The style of the film adopts the most natural flow and offers a beautiful portrayal of several things - from union and partings to hardships and most universal of them all, pain.

The film comes across as a wise decision by the young filmmaker Prannoy Mehta to talk about concerns no grander than heartbreak, financial trouble and raw, honest intimacy between two people. All of this is gracefully weaved together with the stories of its characters, rendered convincingly by the actors. Falana Dhimkana is subtle, soft, and a reminder that irrespective of where we may be in life, pain finds us all in the end, but so does hope, happiness and joy.
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