Ek Film Director Ki Maut | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee January 5, 2022

Ek Film Director Ki Maut

By Aryan Singh with 6.8

comedy · Short Films · hindi

At the film's core is a simple premise - the ambition and dreams of glory of a young filmmaker which is tied with extremist elements within the story. However, the manner which is adopted to portray the same is far from simple - it shows the desire to innovate, to experiment, and not be hesitant of stepping out of one's comfort zone.

In the process, a meta-narrative of sorts is produced which offers political commentary, a plot which is very self-aware and therefore sometimes invokes humor at its own expense and very deliberately so, mixes elements of surrealism with humor and violence, and ties it all together as the completed product of the film.

The non-linear narrative takes us into Alka's world and her very devoted attempts to tell a "politically visceral" story. With a hat-tip to Roland Barthes in its title, the film brings all of this, and some more, to life, ensuring that its storytelling and the execution of the plot remain fresh in tonality while, at the same time, engaging and entertaining the viewer throughout.
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