Behen Kuch Bhi Pehen  | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day June 11, 2024

Behen Kuch Bhi Pehen

By Misha Goshe with 7

ad film · Short Films · hindi

When you step out of the house, how much time do you spend in deciding your outfit with respect to the space you’re going to be in? If you’re a woman, chances are the criteria of determining it are endless.

From the time of the day to the people you are going to be with to how you’re feeling about your body - the list goes on. The sadder part is that most of these concerns have been internalised to the point that now they are not even conscious questions, but simply second nature. Breaking all of these moulds and reminding women that they have a right to wear whatever in the world they want to is this new ad film. Set to an upbeat track, it shows women in different situations and wearing bright, vibrant colours. From flats to heels, from cropped tops to kurtas - here’s a video that finally says, behen, kuch bhi pehen.
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