Yours Sincerely | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 29, 2020

Yours Sincerely

By P. Sriya Reddy with 6.7

poetry · Short Films · bengali

The visual narrative of this poetic, musical film is constituted by several stages of emotions and experiences of a young woman, imagined as a love letter written to an unnamed, unknown character. From dressing up to seeking happiness, from the joy of being in one's finery to the pitfalls of separation, longing and grim events, the plot engages with them all.

The visuals are set against a gentle, soulful song in a seamless manner, allowing the story to invoke in the viewer a deep poignance. Along with notable structuring, camerawork, voiceover and an overall elegant flow of events, the film is also marked by a skilled performance of the young protagonist.
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