Vectors | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 26, 2020


By Balu Mahendran M with 6

crime · Short Films · tamil

Vectors is a complex film that attempts to explore quite a few threads in the same narrative. The idea is to explain the life and fate of a character through the geometrical concept of vectors. A teenaged boy, a school-topper and a student of Class XII, has gone on a killing spree. In the span of a day, he has committed a rape, a murder and a robbery, and wants to surrender.

Questions of what is real and what isn't are invoked, as is of the location of education in the lives of the characters. There is also roping in of peer pressure and substance abuse. The narrative moves back and forth to drive home his actions and their consequences, but the more the threads are introduced the more the film starts unraveling.
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