Two Finger Test | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee August 11, 2023

Two Finger Test

By Priyanshu K Ranjan with 6.5

crime · Short Films · hindi

The film opens with a bloody image that portends the violence that will define the entire story. A doctor heads back home late into the night. A police officer makes it in time for his daughter's birthday. A young woman wakes up in her bed with paralyzing nightmares, while her concerned loved ones are unable to make sense of what truly plagues her.

The rest of the plot becomes an exploration of any potential links between these seemingly unrelated characters - the doctor, the woman, and the police officer. The film endeavors to draw the audience’s attention to the extremely regressive, oppressive, and violating practice of determining the truth of a sexual assault by a two-finger test, as is also referred to in the title.

A disconcerting, but important story of a young woman’s terrifying ordeal in small-town India is roped in to elucidate the same. The approach adopts overt drama, not nuance, for this communication. The result is sincere and shares a fictional, but crucial example about the state of things in the country despite changes having been made at the policy level.
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