Tussle | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 13, 2023


By Aravind Vinod with 6.6

action · Short Films · malayalam

The plot of ‘Tussle’ is centered around a pen drive, one that contains extremely incriminating details about several powerful people and their respective organizations. As members from each join the bid to acquire it, more specifically, Jake and his former mentor, David, the film presents its carefully constructed world to you. It is marked by stylized action which is free-flowing and seamless without any awkward punches (pun intended).

Though the visual department has a limitation of resources and capacity, owing almost entirely to the fact that the whole film is shot on a smartphone, it exhibits a deep investment of thought and skill in making the progression of events come to life. The very endeavor of storytelling is marked by unmissable devotion and sincerity, despite the young voice of the filmmaker, and thus, should definitely be explored and developed in future projects.
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