The Confidant | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day April 21, 2022

The Confidant

By Naved Ahmed with 6.8

ad film · Short Films

Our first interaction with the story is an interaction with a moment of crisis. Something crucial is unfolding for the protagonist, something we would only be allowed a suggestion of without truly knowing what went wrong. However, the moment, and the woman’s comforting whoever the person is on the other side of her phone screen, is sufficient to reveal to us everything that it entails.

After meeting the homemaker at the heart of a marriage which gives her little comfort or solace, we are allowed a clearer understanding of the tribulations that afflict her life. It is only when the viewer finds out who the recipient of all her phone calls is, that the film’s intentions are made lucid for us. In the process, an important message about mental health, the isolation of depression and the desperate need to simply find a kind friend is pronounced for the audience.
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