The 100th | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day April 17, 2020

The 100th

By Viplove Maheshwari with 7

romance · Short Films

The film attempts a nuanced conversation around gender, stereotypes, consent, and succeeds at it in several ways. The story is of one night when a young man and a woman meet on a date. However, the two of them also bring along their own parallel narratives to the coffee shop which, predictably, further complicates matters.

While the evening is expected to be one of adventure and romance for the man, a very different story is unfolding for the woman. As the characters navigate all of this, an interesting, subtle and refreshing conversation between them awaits the viewer. The narrative also does a notable job of exploring grey areas - characters are not simply written off as being black or white, and that enriches the story significantly.
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