Talash | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee December 4, 2023


By PTC Network with 6.8

thriller · Short Films · punjabi

The story begins with an intense moment where a man is unable to find his wife, Preet. Once the couple has been located in a rural corner of Punjab, the narrative then takes us into an urban household of two daughters. The elder child, Priya, is a dedicated student who deeply loves and respects her father and family.

The patriarch of the household, though seemingly well-intentioned, maintains tight control over the women of the house. This is why when he discovers his daughter’s romantic equation with a classmate of hers, Samar, he is swift and rigid in the action he takes. The obedient Priya too tries her best to abide by it, until she reaches a point of no return, and elopes with him.

The events begin to unfold in true earnest henceforth. We are presented with a plot that continues to thicken. There is engagement with violence, sexual assault, and a complete subversion of the reality the viewer is led to believe so far. The film’s biggest strength is its writing and plot construction which catches the viewer off guard with its most crucial revelations.

The title of the film finds several pronunciations within the narrative, three times primarily, once at its opening, then as it moves past Priya’s elopement, and eventually at the climax. All of these developments are allowed an organic progression which, in turn, leads to the many components of the story to come into their own and keep the viewer invested in the fate of the characters throughout.
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