By Avimukt Films
Along the banks of the holy Ganga, the historical city of Varanasi acts as the backdrop for the film, Taam. Life of three characters belonging to separate generations, during a trying time of deconstruction of the authentic, cultural city is depicted through the short narrative.

The oldest in the family, a Brahmin pujari who spent a lifetime practising his religion on the ghats of the river, is now being forced to leave the very alleyways he was born into, the ancestral, mystical walls which hold fond memories of his deceased wife. Amidst the constant movement of the several forces tugging at each other, his son tries to straddle the political and the social aspects of the ensuing developments. The protagonist is pained at the loss of the city, but is accepting of the resulting compensation- one which is deemed necessary for the survival of their family. Lastly, the innocent boy, still learning the trade, ends up meeting the cruel realities of the world he exhibits.

Allowing all of these elements to play themselves out against the several warring factions of society, the film provides insight into life in Varanasi. The many undercurrents of totalitarianism, caste, religion and abuse are further allowed portrayal within the narrative, enabling it to finally tie them together as a cohesive whole.
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