Sweet and Sour |  Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day April 11, 2024

Sweet and Sour

By Sreejoni Nag with 7

drama · Short Films · hindi

When Baz Luhrman says your siblings are a link to your past and most likely to stick with you in the future, does it hold true for all sibling equations? The short film will engage with this concern as it takes you into the life of two sisters, one studying on the eve of her exam, the other having just returned from a long day at work.

As the two find themselves at the centre of several subsequent quarrels, Sweet and Sour progresses to reveal a grave truth. Does a relationship between two sisters always have to be of love and nurturing? How does this truth about their relationship affect their already conflicted equation? The film, in its short duration, would raise and attempt to answer all of these questions, and in the process, leave the audience with a unique aspect of a sibling relationship.
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