Starry Night | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee August 2, 2020

Starry Night

By Pranay Aggarwal with 6.2

drama · Short Films · hindi

Anusha finds his colleague Aditya grieving his father’s death one night in office. Naturally, feeling sorry for his loss, she wishes to comfort him. They step out for a smoke, and realise this was the first time that they were having a conversation, despite all these years of working together. After finding themselves in the midst of a tragic circumstance, they begin to bond over shared pain.

Talking to a stranger about your deepest loss can become a weird and awkward situation, but Aditya and Anusha find comfort in each other. Perhaps, there is also an ease in baring your vulnerability to a stranger. She tells him that when she was a child her mother would say, people who died turned into stars. But since she is unable to show Aditya any ‘real’ star in the sky, she instead creates a starry night for him.
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