Samskara | Namit Das

festival circuit October 8, 2019


By Sankalp Rawal with 7.6

drama · Short Films · hindi

Samskara translates to 'impressions' - something around which the whole narrative of the film would come to pivot. The visuals make the most skilled use of hand-hold shots and dimly lit frames to build up the tension and suspense of the characters. The viewer is able to participate in it, owing to the manner in which they are weaved.

The narrative also makes an expert use of parallel narratives. The reason it works visually and manages to drive its point home most convincingly is because of the seamless editing. The film is an exploration of the extent of the effect of abuse and how entrapping childhood trauma can be. The exploration also justifies the title - the cyclical nature of life, constituted by an external repeat of internal impressions.