Ritviz - Jeet | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day February 12, 2024

Ritviz - Jeet

By Ritviz with 7.1

music video · Short Films · hindi

Three women out on a mission...to have fun - this is precisely what this music video, an offering by Ritviz, is all about. It offers three characters - an auto driver, a gentlemen's tailor and a coconut water seller, roles that we instinctively ascribe to men. However, in the video, they are all women and it's accepted as the norm. There are no awkward gestures or stares, only a celebration of life.

From beaches to sunbathing, from grocery shopping to watching a late night movie in an empty theatre, the film is replete with pretty shots of the three protagonists having a good time in different locations. Essentially, it becomes a celebration of little victories of life and being carefree with your friends like there is no tomorrow. There indeed might be one, on the contrary, but it doesn't and shouldn't take away from the joy of today.
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