Pixie Dust | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee June 25, 2021

Pixie Dust

By Swagata Naik with 6.7

romance · Short Films · hindi

Rarely in life does one meet someone and almost instinctively find them to be a space of comfort and love, their presence to be like balmy warmth on a long winter night, perhaps something like a pixie, as suggests the narrative. Samar and Sana's paths cross due to a common friend at a dinner party where amidst conversation and twinkling, soft lights, they fall for each other.

Despite their deep love, they push each other away and take on different paths. As life carries on with its course, and tugs them in different directions, they keep in touch through letters. While relationships and marriages with other people continue, this particular bond remains unbroken. However, after years of separation and distance, will they eventually find a way back to each other or keep on living as two halves of a whole? The question is meant to be intrinsic to the plot, as it attempts to rope in symbolism, metaphors, music and lyricism in its portrayal.
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