Phillum | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee February 20, 2023


By Krunal Pandya with 6.9

drama · Short Films · hindi

Chintu Sharma is a relentless film aficionado. As soon as school is over, he darts out to catch the latest film at the local theater. However, 'Phillum' does not immediately introduce us to its protagonist and this reality.

Instead, first there is the establishment of a small school, perhaps even suggesting a movement back in time. The film presents a sincere endeavor in capturing the ethos of not only a village, but also of an endearing, enthusiastic young protagonist.

As for Chintu, he is not only a viewer, but also a storyteller, even performer, as he regales his peers with stories of the films he has watched. The end result ties all of these elements together to leave the viewer with a narrative that aims to be wholesome and uplifting.
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