Phera | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee January 18, 2020


By Ayush Bose with 6.5

horror · Short Films · bengali

With its use of short, crisp shots, coupled with an eerie background score, the film does a notable attempt of invoking an atmosphere of thrill and horror. It moves back and forth in time to juxtaposes two parallel narratives of a young couple. The plot soon develops to reveal how a man finds his present reality reflected in a past couple's life that lived in the same house where he happens to be for a few hours.

The film shows potential in terms of its structuring and performances and comes across as a strong attempt at horror. While music has an important role to play in escalating tension, it is also the execution of the storyline that allows it to be a complimentary aspect of the film, rather than spiral away into melodrama.
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