Oru Naal, Oru Aal | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 23, 2020

Oru Naal, Oru Aal

By Ashita Vishnu with 6.2

thriller · Short Films · tamil

Five strangers react to a message to join a strange video call. These are people who don’t know each other, but are connected in some uncanny way.

The mystery-man, who has organized this video conference, knows each one’s secret and threatens to unmask it to the world if they didn’t follow his instructions. Unable to leave, the strangers have to rack their brains to find out the baffling common chord that binds these personalities together. The film aims to invoke an atmosphere of suspense with an imminent threat of dire consequences if the characters don't do his bidding. Almost the entirety of the story is allowed to unfold using the same space of the screen split into six grids. However, when the narrative has run its course, what will be the fate of its characters?
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