Mulaqaat | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee November 16, 2022


By Prashant Rao with 6.8

sci fi · Short Films · hindi

A woman arrives at a house to be greeted by a welcoming father. However, this is not a usual meeting between two family members, her furtive glances at her phone screen convey that. The apparent lack of the age difference between the two further asserts the unease that is gradually becoming inherent to the circumstance.

The plot develops to reveal the role of technology in simulating a reality that once was, allowing Sia to revisit her past. In the process, a conversation on loss, grief, longing, and the need to eventually move on is presented to the viewer. Even if the production value of the end result is slightly hindered by the sound and a smattering of inconsistent visuals, the story throughout remains marked by a gentle quietness and sincerity of thought.
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