Motorcycle Thief | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee April 2, 2021

Motorcycle Thief

By Robin Khanna with 6.8

drama · Short Films · hindi

The film weaves a lovely story about storytelling itself, while also offering a subtle comment on society. All the while foregrounding itself against the innocence of childhood, and the honest, sincere questions that it can raise, the plot comes into its own. It takes us to a village where a teacher is deeply fond of sharing stories with his pupils.

Consequently, enraptured in his stories, they often neglect the clock even when it is time to go home. However, one day, a few questions catch our protagonist off-guard, leaving him at a loss of not only an answer that would satisfy the eager faces before him, but also struggling to tell any more stories. Finding his way to a library in a nearby town, he instead stumbles across the most unexpected series of events, roping in an attempted theft and the most unlikely person who is responsible for it. In the process, it is not the library, but life itself which leads our endearing, well-meaning protagonist to the perfect story to share with his students.

The film is a devoted attempt to present its intentions to the viewer, but it could have gained from some fine-tuning in its sound and dubbing department. On the whole, it remains an entertaining, well-intentioned final product, ensuring that the viewer is involved with the protagonist and his experiences till the very end.
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