Mere Sheher Ki Garmiyan | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day August 22, 2020

Mere Sheher Ki Garmiyan

By Aman Singh Rajawat with 7.3

poetry · Short Films · hindi

soty 21 finalist
When a skilled voiceover is coupled with sophisticated, seamless visuals, there is little that can go wrong. The short film is a paradigmatic example of the balance that such a combination brings to the table. Essentially, the story of the film is no more than a romance with a season, but one which is not simply constituted by weather. It is made up of nostalgia, memory, a fondness for the past, and the experience all of it eventually leads to.

The narrative is smart with its length, keeping it just right to convey the message in a heartwarming, endearing manner, without either communicating or holding back too much. The plot is a weaving together of lovely metaphors and imagery that further serve the purpose of enhancing its easy, but powerful narration, to allow the viewer a glimpse into perhaps their own childhood memories of a summer spent chasing all sorts of reveries and dreams.
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