#MaaNahiBhoolti | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day June 2, 2024


By Dominos India with 7.2

ad film · Short Films · hindi

Old age leaves one vulnerable and in need of help by those they had raised and protected in their youth. But ah, if life only followed principles as simple as these. The ad film opens with the heartbreaking image of a son dropping off his mother at an old age home. As the old woman goes around making friends and nurturing new hobbies during this chapter of her life, her link to her past life, where she looked after and cared for her son, remains an inextricable part of her existence. While the younger generation may have moved on with their life, finding it difficult to keep all parts of their past with them, even if it's an old parent, the mother remains hopeful of hearing from her son again, even if it's just a phone call. This lovely short film will stir emotions deep within and remind you that a mother's love is indeed above all bitterness and resentment.
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