Khoye Pal | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day April 6, 2021

Khoye Pal

By Ashwin Sharma with 6.9

music video · Short Films · hindi

The music video is a stunning dedication to travel and the humbling beauty of nature that often accompanies it. The visuals flow smoothly as you are taken along on a bike trip with the protagonist. From snow-capped peaks to looming mountains to glaciers, streams and rivers which navigate them all, images of nature are invoked in all their glory. As the audio of a soulful song are coupled with them, the narrative leaves you with a resounding reminder about taking pause to truly notice the magnificence around you.

The vast landscapes, endless in their size, varied in their terrain, are especially more beautiful in a world that is only beginning to come out of a pandemic. After having been confined indoors for a year, the music and visuals of Khoye Pal would indeed leave you with a balmy, heartwarming message about humankind's location in a massive world that is waiting to open all its doors to you, as long as you have the inclination to stay and listen for a while.
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