KB Future | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 13, 2023

KB Future

By Anirudh Ajay Baboo with 7

non fiction · Short Films · hindi

Navin Kumar moved to Pune, Maharashtra from his native Rajasthan. With his cheery smile and twinkling eyes, our first impression of the film’s subject is marked by ease and endearment. However, his tale is far from that, as is revealed with the unfolding of the narrative.

The protagonist, equipped with his story and experiences, is the most remarkable aspect of the film. Though it displays rough edges when it comes to production and a few technical aspects of the end result, they are easy to overlook in the face of the story that is presented to the viewer.

'KB Future' is a film defined by its heart and soul. The story it offers is a difficult one, it is one of child marriage, caste discrimination, financial burdens, neglected health, familial duty, and lastly, of unrequited love and heartbreak. While our protagonist may openly profess his love for a girl he may never win over, he can still not reject his circumstance or the many oppressions, and discriminations life has offered him with the same openness and ease, presenting a quiet comment on the internalization of structures and how deep it runs. All of this is presented in a straightforward manner, without burdening the film with righteous morality or any explicit rejections or dismissals.
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