Jump Cuts | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month February 2021

Jump Cuts

By Ajay Govind with 7.5

drama · Short Films · malayalam

sotmsoty 21 finalist
The little moments that constitute life are weaved together most seamlessly in this anthology of short films. From the loneliness of old age, and a deep desire to reconnect with someone, to the little joys of simply eating an ice cream - the thematic concerns are far and wide across the spectrum, and yet never out of synchronisation with one another.

Each story that the film offers is more powerful than the other, and is bound to stay with the viewer long after they are done watching it. The subtle, but potent commentary the narrative presents on issues of gender, misogyny are loud and clear, without falling in the trap of sentimentalism. Additionally, the film's insight on old age and mental health is noteworthy.

The performances and portrayal of all the characters enhance the stories further, ensuring that often only the eyes are sufficient to express and communicate the intended sentiment, even before the film makes it explicit for you. All of these elements together allow Jump Cuts to work on several levels, making its success well-rounded and complete in itself.
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The film is made of five situations that I observed and condensed into short narratives. They were simply routine conversations or occurrences which felt so absurd that they felt like a jump cut in life. It was eventually stylized, economical storytelling that allowed us to get right to the point, in an almost clinical manner.
Ajay GovindDirector, Jump Cuts