It All Starts From Within | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day March 29, 2024

It All Starts From Within

By Sreejoni Nag with 7.2

drama · Short Films · hindi

It All Starts From Within is subtle, easy and engaging. It talks about a topic conversation around which is rife in contemporary times. Yet it doesn’t become hackneyed or maudlin.

It reminds the viewer that often being comfortable with your body and personality is simply not sufficient. It’s the comfort of the external gaze which is of utmost importance. However, it goes ahead to reject this to conclude that if you’re content with the way you are, so be it. That precisely is the end of the conversation. The short film reinforces the idea of body positivity and acceptance in the most endearing and effortless manner - a conversation between two strangers. The chemistry between the actors and the ease with which it flows further strengthens the film. Content like IASFW is a relevant commentary on contemporary times. Watch it to enrich your perspective on beauty and acceptance.
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