Into the Night | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day October 5, 2023

Into the Night

By Prateek Kuhad with 7

music video · Short Films · english

Uncut footage of one Prateek Kuhad video has made it to another about a year after the first one came out. Using extra shots from Cold Mess, starring Jim Sarbh and Zoya Hussain, the video of Into the Night takes the viewer once again into the intimate corners of a relationship.

As the couple navigates around the various moments of loneliness, isolation, laughter and some good old kissing, Kuhad's gentle singing supplement the video to make it a well-rounded product. The vibe as well as the general atmosphere created by the vocals and the visuals are similar to Cold Mess and thus serve as an extra treat for the admirers of the original song.
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