Her First Time | Short Film of the Day

soty finalist October 13, 2019

Her First Time

By Divya Unny with 7.4

drama · Short Films · hindi

soty finalist
The short film is funny, endearing and moving in equal measure. A teenaged girl gets her first period. While her mother, a gynaecologist, is at work, the only other adult at home is her father.

His unpreparedness, but willingness to help, the girl's initial inability to understand what's going on and the mother's successful attempts of normalising menstruation - all fit in the narrative most smoothly. There is a little coming-of-age present hidden away by her mother at home that helps her get past it all, and finally manage to smile. The father, after educating himself using the good, old internet, is also ready with a hot water bottle and a chocolate dessert. In a country like India, where a majority of mothers consider periods 'dirty' and fathers choose to remain unaware, Her First Time carries a relevant message - to accept menstruation as a normal, biological process.
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