Gunta  | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month January 2024


By Tejas Sonawane with 7.1

dramedy · Short Films · hindi

The short film is a lovely, quiet delineation of the struggle of two men in Mumbai. It draws a wonderful and intelligent parallel between the stories of Rahi and Gurpreet who both moved to the city of dreams in pursuit of success in their respective careers.

The intelligence of the narrative becomes most pronounced when it addresses the notions and deeply-set structures of class in the Indian society while talking about these characters. Despite the difference in their societal location, both Rahi and Gurpreet have similar battles to fight and demons to overcome that threaten to devour their hopes and aspirations. The film is a well-rounded product with elegant camerawork, strong performances and effortlessly smooth story-telling. If all of this wasn't sufficient to make it succeed, it further manages to make a deeply moving point about professional obstacles, class divisions and chasing your dreams, without making its propositions preachy, didactic or blatant.
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