Ek Samosa Do Chai | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee August 11, 2022

Ek Samosa Do Chai

By Rajat Kaushal with 6.5

drama · Short Films · hindi

The scene is of a cafe when the story opens where different sets of people are all engrossed in their own respective business. While a trio struggles to come up with an original song, the cafe owner and one of his employees continue their banter. Amidst it all arrives a busy lawyer, looking for his regular cup of tea and a samosa. However, confusion unfolds when the last samosa is found to be already claimed by a woman who sits right behind him.

The film opens at a lighthearted note, marked by humor and sweet silliness. However, it soon takes a dramatic, sentimental turn which involves the threat of familial loss and tragedy for a woman. It is in tying of these varying emotions together that the story is completed and presented to the viewer.
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