Daura | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month June 2022


By Shubham Ghatge with 7.2

dramedy · Short Films · marathi

sotmsoty finalist
In the village of Kamleshwar, the Good Morning Squad has taken it upon themselves to ensure anyone who participates in open defecation is subjected to a fine. One morning, when Vitthalrao finds himself in the path of the Squad, he makes a run for it, to eventually be met with a very tragic end. This accident puts numerous elements into action, involving media, news anchors and their boisterous television shows, along with politicians.

Soon, Vitthalrao's surviving family, his son Balya and his wife, are roped into an overnight makeover of their house by the sarpanch Rambhau in preparation for the daura or visit of an important state minister. The plot comes into its own adroitly employing satire and dramedy to share a story of personal motives, the sham of sympathy, the indifference to a family's misery and struggles, and the various aspects tied with a sense of frivolity that only serves to echo 'Daura''s intentions loud and clear.

The film does a seamless job of playing on the absurdity and ridiculousness of it all, marked by engaging storytelling and tonality throughout. The final result succeeds in delivering its message in an emphatic manner, allowing the narrative to be a composite, balanced whole.
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The film is based on a series of true events. As a filmmaker from a rural background, I always wanted to talk about the politics of the region in a satirical manner. ‘Daura’ is the beginning of this expedition. I believe satire is the weapon of the powerless against the powerful.
Shubham GhatgeDirector, Daura