Coincidence | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee April 1, 2021


By Aswin Radhakrishnan with 6.7

crime · Short Films · malayalam

The film is a high-paced rigmarole of chaotic events that follow one after another in rapid succession. The viewer has to await the very conclusion to truly understand how each character is linked. Fortunately for them, the engrossing narrative ensures that they stay with it till the very end.

If on the one hand, a woman is plotting her stepfather's murder, her boyfriend, on the other, is secretly recording a video of their intimate moments. At the same time, a strange man has turned up at a seedy bar with a briefcase. When the waiter, working together with another patron, steals this bag, the most unexpectedly fateful set of events await the three of them.

The plot, thus, becomes a culmination of all of these seemingly unrelated developments. The same elements further allow the viewer an entertaining experience, explaining the title of the film, Coincidence, in the process.
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