Chunaav | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee January 2, 2024


By Avinash Shriram Shembatwad with 6.9

drama · Short Films · hindi

The short offers a very important message about democracy through its storytelling. It talks of voting as an indispensable instrument of change in a democracy, no matter your location within it.

The film takes its time presenting the same to the viewer by first introducing us to the protagonist, an elderly man who lies restive on his cot. His wife, and the rest of his tribe, have boycotted voting. However, accompanied by a young aide, he is a man on a mission. He braves all kinds of obstacles to ensure his intentions are fulfilled.

'Chunaav' remains devoid of verbal exchanges between the characters, and instead communicates its point through the action unfolding before you. Despite a little inconsistency in visuals, it remains steadfast in the overall execution of the end result, presenting its message with lucidity and ease.
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