Child's Play | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee May 6, 2019

Child's Play

By Keith Gomes with 6.6

drama · Short Films

The deep infestation of technology and screens in our lives can have some severely detrimental effects, especially on young minds. Here's a short film that attempts a unique glimpse into the same problem.

Rudra has grown up on routine sustenance of screens, be it a television or later a smartphone and an iPad. He has also found shelter in it when bored, distracted or simply trying to escape the arguments between his parents. The short film further attempts to portray how this has managed to isolate him from his peers as well as reality. Could such distance from societal interaction ever have a positive impact? The film answers it and delineates the extent to which technology can affect impressionable minds. However it falls short of living up to its potential as its attempts to explore a child's psyche remain unsatisfying and unconvincing.
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