Broken Mirror | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee April 29, 2023

Broken Mirror

By Alter Ego Films with 6.6

drama · Short Films · hindi

The film is presented as a tribute to Charlie Chaplin. In the characteristic style of the artist, 'Broken Mirror' too models itself after the genre of silent films to share its story with you. A woman is on her way to work when she has a run-in with a strange man. Not only is he a character that exists on the margins of society, but he also has a striking resemblance to her former partner, a man she lost in the most tragic accident.

Thus begins her attempts to once again find hope and affection while trying to help this man turn around his life. However, unlike the humor that we have come to associate with Charlie Chaplin, the subject matter of the film is a far darker story. It is in this realization that the core ideas of the film, as well as its title, get pronounced.
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