Bhagya | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee June 25, 2021


By Sachin Mamgai with 6.5

non fiction · Short Films · hindi

The Covid-19 outbreak drew a very demarcated line between the fortunate and the unfortunate. If on the one hand hundreds and thousands of people were left gasping for oxygen, lost their loved ones or livehood, suffered huge emotional and financial obstacles, on the other, there were those who could work from the comfort of their homes, be with their near and dear ones, and still continue living, albeit with more manageable troubles.

Additionally, there was also a third group of the frontline workers who risked their lives every day to keep society running on its feet. The narrative of the short film draws the viewer's attention to all of these aspects, reminding them of the importance of each individual's role and participation during a time as taxing as the pandemic.
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