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Bebasee | Short Film of the Day

Short film of the Day October 13, 2020


By Manisha D'souza with 7

drama · Short Films

A short film, more often than nought, is a moment frozen in time. Bebasee reaffirms this premise by simply introducing the viewer to the helplessness of a woman, as the title suggests, without weighing itself down with the whys and hows of it. An exploration of the familial space and the domestic conflict that resides within it, the film begins and ends in medias res, but still manages to offer a complete narrative, irrespective of the stage the story is located at. It opens on a note marked by high tension, one which is fraught with conflict and anxiety, gradually simmering down, allowing the plot an organic movement.

In its short duration, the film packs a powerhouse of a story. Marked by its crispness, and without wasting a single moment, the story is shared with the viewer in an impactful manner. The frames and camera angles exhibit intelligence and thought, allowing the film to succeed not only at the level of story and creativity, but also technique and skill. Further enhanced by a seamlessness that is a reflection of the director's maturity at handling the subject, and notable chemistry of its young cast, the film becomes a well-rounded, balanced product.

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