Ashwatthama | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee June 23, 2022


By Nimish Pansare with 6.5

thriller · Short Films · marathi

'Ashwatthama', a story of anger, helplessness and revenge, offers a world of metaphors. The narrative speaks of poetry, stars, and most important of all - a forest. The protagonist, Parikshit, is reeling with the loss of his father, snatched from him in a violent assassination. Battling the ensuing grief, he now feels like Ashwatthama from Mahabharata who was cursed with immortality and doomed to wander with an unhealed wound until the end of times.

Parikshit too finds himself at the heart of a wild, dense forest of his thoughts, finding a physical representation in him wandering the banks of the Narmada river. The storytelling and the manner in which its many components are weaved together exhibit potential and should definitely be engaged with further.
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