An Indian Girl | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee March 23, 2021

An Indian Girl

By Sourabh Lakshkar with 6.6

poetry · Short Films · hindi

While it is common for moralists to view the idea of an Indian girl or woman as a fixed, monolithic identity, the truth is far from that. Patriarchy and sexism may have given rise to stubborn moulds, hailing all women who fit within them, and condemning any and all who don't, is a woman truly confined to these structures formed for her by external forces?

The narrative of the film is an engagement with the same question by bringing to life different stories of girls and women from different walks of life, located at different ends of society. It also makes use of poetry as the only verbal presence in the film to drive home its message. She may be a sex worker, a housewife or any other average person scared into silence by the custodians of patriarchal power around her, but she has the full and absolute right to choose whoever she wants to be, asserts An Indian Girl in straight, direct terms. It is in this emphatic expression of its thoughts that the film's message becomes lucid and comprehensive.
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