Afterbirth | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee August 15, 2022


By Tangsu Karmakar with 7

drama · Short Films · bengali

‘Afterbirth’ offers a narrative that ties history and politics with poetry and domesticity. The path to realize these thematic concerns is weaved with care as the film captures a tumultuous moment of public strife, one that also reflects the emotional and mental strife of two people unable to find fulfilment in this world, and yet seeking it relentlessly.

Through Tani and Nator, the film not only presents its philosophical preoccupations, but further questions the traditional nature of marriage and the restrictive norms it often entails. In Tani, we see an intelligent woman who is unhesitant in asserting her views and desires, even if it sometimes means calling out the escapism and denial of a man she is deeply in love with despite, and perhaps, even because of it.

The film deftly employs soft, diffused visuals, invoking an otherworldliness, even if showing a want of slightly more control, to bring its reality to life. The portrayal of its characters and the storytelling remain noteworthy elements, along with writing being a standout characteristic, ensuring that you stay with the plot and its many layers right till the very end.
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