World Of MG: Homecoming | S02E02 | Monjolika Waala Jaadu | Ft. Aisha Ahmed & Ayush Mehra

Homecoming: S2.E2

EP 02 - Monjolika Waala Jaadu

By Tripoto Travel with 7.2

Season 1
This travel blog, hosted by Aisha Ahmed and Ayush Mehra, takes the viewer on a road trip into the heart of South India. The visuals are stunning, the colour palette being used most judiciously and skilfully.

The three-parter series might inspire you as well to hit the road. However, beyond the visuals, there is not much the script has to offer structurally. Watch it for the colours, the vast expanse of open spaces and a voyeuristic fulfilment of the desire to be on a trip.
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