Be Negative: S1.E1


By Atrangi Cinema with 6.3

Season 1
The series attempts to rope in humor, drama, and an educational message as it presents to you a glimpse into our pandemic-stricken reality. It primarily takes us into the misadventures of two couples over a span of three parts, and portrays the said reality vis-a-vis their experiences.

While Sunil has already been infected by the Covid-19 virus, Nainesh finds himself consumed by the paranoia of contracting it. Their wives, Diya and Sureeli, continue their daily conversations over phone calls, all along dealing with their respective households. The series engages with all of these characters, and at the end of it all, leaves the viewer with an important message about striking a balance between carefulness and keeping irrational fear at bay. The entirety of the plot of the series thus becomes a forward progression towards the same.
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