Made in Heaven | Opening Title Sequence | Zoya Akhtar

September 28, 2019

Made in Heaven

By Excel Entertainment with 7.8

 · title sequence

The opening sequence of Made in Heaven is one of the few which marks meticulous attention to detail in the Indian webseries space. It is only now that both creators and audiences are beginning to truly appreciate title sequences in the country, and thus, Made in Heaven arrives just in time to receive this appreciation.

The sequence is set to music by Ankur Tewari, also the music supervisor for Zoya Akhtar's Gully Boy. Visually, it consists of candid shots of different weddings stitched together in a smooth manner, earning a special mention for the seamless edit. The montage consists of happy endings and deeply in love couples in different weddings from across the country. The premise it seems to set is one of happy endings and carefree love stories, far from the reality of most weddings and marriages, as the show further goes ahead to portray. In contrast to the carefully shot and planned visuals of the series, those of the opening sequence, mostly handheld, sometimes even grainy, seem raw, and deliberately so. The visual approach to a deeply Indian experience is fresh and unique, almost Western in its influence, and earns full points for an effortless fusion.
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