Zara Si Mohabbat | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee January 25, 2022

Zara Si Mohabbat

By Aditya Singh with 6.5

romance · Short Films

Zara Si Mohabbat uses a dialogue that would stay with the viewer after they are done watching the film. At one juncture in the narrative, a character called Sharad, tells his lover, Manohar, that they are like the fertile soil on which the future generations would bloom. Mapped against a queer relationship which constantly battles societal and familial pressures, the dialogue holds loud and clear.

The story too is about Sharad and Manu's battle to gain acceptance in their own respective families. While one of them has kept his sexuality and relationship a secret, the other has recently revealed it, only to be met with a cold silence from their end.

The film definitely shows potential in thought and approach. However, it unravels a little in the second half, with a loose scene or two, eventually pulling itself together to present the completed narrative to the viewer. It is a welcome prospect to see more similar engagements by the team.
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